Second Grade

Mrs. Sarantide, Mrs. Gluse Mrs. Raspanti

Mrs. Sarantides, Mrs. Gluse, Mrs. Raspanti

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March  2019

In second grade, we started to introduce book clubs to student to encourage discourse with the texts we have been reading. Our current unit focuses on non-fictions texts. Students are focusing on what they already know about a topic, new learning while reading, and what they still wonder about that topic after reading. Students learned to pick out important parts and look for the main idea and supporting details. We are learning how authors organize information to write non-fiction texts. Students will eventually practice writing non-fictions texts in Writer’s Workshop using multiple research tools including library books, articles, and websites.

Second graders recently finished a math unit on measurement and graphing. Students are encouraged to continue to measure objects in and around their homes using inches or centimeters. We learned how to collect data and use it to create different types of graphs to represent the data. Students are currently working on our place value unit. We are working on understanding the value of each digit in a three digit number. Students will also learn to compare three digit numbers. At home, you can show your child three numbers and have them create the greatest number with those digits as well as the smallest number. You can also ask your child what the value of each digit is. Thank you for supporting your child at home.


September 2018

Our primary focus for the first few weeks in second grade has been establishing our classroom routines, expectations, and most importantly, our classroom community. We each shared some of our favorite summer memories! The teachers loved hearing about the different activities the students did over summer break. Students are quickly catching on to the new rules and routines. They are working extremely hard on remembering to write their name on each paper, raising their hand when asked a question, and walking in a straight, quiet line in the hallways.

Writer’s Workshop has gotten off to a great start with students learning how to write a personal narrative or small moment story. They have been learning ways to organize their thinking and writing while writing true stories about their lives. Second graders are working hard to become independent writers!

In reading, students are learning how to read independently, choose just right books, and think as they read. Students are learning about how re-reading can help to improve reading fluency and comprehension. We have been diving into many books to introduce students to the various genres we have available for them to read in our classroom and school libraries. Students are excited to “shop” for books to read each week during reading time.

In math, the focus has been on solving one and two step word problems using addition and subtraction. Students are learning how to take a problem and create an equation with a symbol in which they can use drawings or manipulatives to solve. Students continue to work on basic addition and subtraction fact fluency in our math centers.

Strategy for Home

  • Have your child retell a story that we read in class that day! Can they tell you about the characters, setting, problem, solution, and ending?

As always, the  2nd grade thanks you for your support!

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