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Mr. Steve Bashaw

Mr. Steve Bashaw


September 2018
Hubbell Families-We all realize that physical fitness is important for us to function daily without restriction, to remain injury-free and to build self-esteem. But did you know that as a person's physical fitness improves so does their mental aptitude? Studies continue to show a correlation between a student's physical fitness scores and their reading, writing and math scores.
Most likely your child's Physical Education class is much different than the one you and I experienced as a youngster. Hubbell students learn about basic physiology and math skills through various group discussions and games. However, we still get our fun in! I like to use games and activities that are fun to deliver the fitness and learning our students need to reach their potential.
For the reasons stated above, and because you want your child to be healthy, please encourage your child to participate in regular physical activity. Growing up healthy and strong is just as important to as it is to be smart as one strengthens the other!


Miss Shannon Burton

Hello Hubbell Families,

I cannot express the happiness I have to be teaching Hubbell learners about the wonderful world in the arts. I am looking forward to a fun, productive and creative year as we explore various artists and techniques. My goal is not only for my students to create and talk about art, but for them to connect and enjoy it as well.

This year art lessons will introduce students to various mediums including drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture, and collage. We will practice how to use materials safely and properly to visually represent and express our experiences in the art classroom. We will learn that in art, a mistake is just a discovery and that our art is just as unique as the individual.

Art plays an essential role in educating a well-rounded student. With connections to literacy, math, and communications, the arts helps develop a child’s social skills, problem solving skills; as well as gives them sense of responsibility and ownership.

I am excited to say that this year we are off to a great start! As the year continues, I look forward to getting to know your children more, as both an artist and individual. I will encourage them to have Hubbell Pride in their art work and to always do their best. I cannot wait until I can decorate the school walls and show off their beautiful work!

Artfully yours,

Miss Burton

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