It is important for growing readers to not only read everyday, but to also talk about their reading. Below are a list of questions family members can use to engage in a book discussion with their child.

Comprehension Strategies to Practice at Home:

Questions to ask before reading:

*What is the title of the book?

*What does the cover tell you about the book?

*What do you think the book is about?

*What are you curious to find out about this book?

*What do you already know about this book?

*What do you want to learn?

*What are you reading this book?

Questions to ask during reading:

*What do you think will happen next?

*What is the problem in the book?

*Why do you think the character did that?

*When you were reading this part, what were you picturing in

your head?

Questions to ask after reading:

*Describe the setting of the story.

*Describe how a character changed throughout the book.

*Which of the characters did you like best?Why?

*How were the problems solved?

*What did you learn from reading this book?

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